Meet Us

BIM6x is a collaboration of Visual Motion, Inc. and ArchiLINK. The two directors bring 35 years of experience in ARCHICAD sales, services and support to companies throughout the Western US and beyond. We truly believe that everything we do leads to creating buildings better. We are very passionate about the solutions, services, and support we provide. Clients starting with us find it is only just the beginning of a long term partnership. We actively provide services and solutions for our clients and encourage you to push ARCHICAD to the limit. We have always known that purchasing a solution is merely the first step to your success with BIM and we have been instrumental in successfully implementing ARCHICAD for all types of architectural, construction, and interior design companies. Here's a bit more about us...


BIM6x Directors

Chris Clark - BIM6x ARCHICAD Solutions Director

Chris received his Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the University of Idaho in 1991. His internship included working for an architectural firm, a design/build firm, as well as working in residential construction. 
After several years, he began to focus more on architecture technology. In 1996, he founded Visual Motion, Inc. offering architectural and technology consulting to architects and builders throughout the intermountain west. The same year Chris saw ARCHICAD for the first time while exploring different CAD options for the company. He was blown away by the power of ARCHICAD, which led to him becoming an ARCHICAD Solution Provider. 
Ever since, Chris has focused his career on providing solutions and services utilizing this incredible technology. His passion for sharing this technology is evident in his trainings and workshops. He has successfully implemented ARCHICAD in hundreds of firms over the last 18 years. He has also worked on hundreds of consulting projects providing services from design to production/documentation and rendering/animation.
Chris loves fishing and the outdoors along with all sports, especially soccer. He also enjoys cooking, hanging with family and friends, and volunteering when time permits.  




Link Ellis - BIM6x ARCHICAD Technical Director

Link is a passionate BIM implementer, specializing in ARCHICAD training and templates. With over 17 years in the industry, Link has extensive experience and knowledge of ARCHICAD. Clients have requested his services across the globe including in the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, India, and the Middle East.

Link has a long-standing relationship with Graphisoft’s ARCHICAD development team, communicates with their technical support team daily, and has visited Graphisoft headquarters in Budapest, Hungary on several occasions. Link is also an award-winning ARCHICAD alpha and beta tester since 2003, member of multiple ARCHICAD forums, and a highly respected and well-liked member of the ARCHICAD community.

As a former BIM Manager for a large architectural firm in Australia, Link has a proven track record for delivering custom templates and training solutions that provide positive results in efficiency, profitability and morale.

Link loves to travel, spend time with his family, drink beer and mountain bike single track. Born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, Link now lives in gorgeous Ketchum/Sun Valley in Idaho and apart from missing the ocean, he absolutely loves living in the mountains!



Ken Good - BIM6x ARCHICAD Specialist

Ken lives and breathes ARCHICAD, revelling in the questions raised by support and training of the software.  He has been involved with ARCHICAD for 20 years, clocking up more than 15,000 hours of training delivery.  Ken is currently based in bonnie Scotland running ARCHICAD training and support sessions. A little while back his colleagues gave him the nickname ‘ArchiGOD’, which came about after a typo (Ken God) in an ARCHICAD presentation. 




Boris - BIM6x Mascot

Boris is orginally from England and is our litle Mascot. This gruesome, yet adorable little guy has been fortunate to travel extensively with us and is always looking for opportunites to communicate to the world the power of BIM and his adventures with BIM6x!


"For the past 15 years I’ve had interactions BIM6x related to ArchiCAD. As a reseller for the software they aren’t just quoting from the press releases. The BIM6x team has great knowledge about the actual functionality of ArchiCAD as a BIM solution. BIM6x has been consistently responsive to questions, they have helped troubleshoot and resolve problems and have been a powerful force in fostering learning and know-how within the ArchiCAD community."

Graham Whipple, Auffallendesign
Idaho Falls, ID
“Getting started with ArchiCAD was much easier because BIM6x was there to make the purchase easy. They continually provide support anytime I need it. If I have a question, they respond quickly. They seem to actually care about my company and my needs.”

David Clayton, AIA – President, DEIV Architecture
Salt Lake City, UT