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It's Alive!

So the time has finally come to start our blog! Before we bombard you with all things ARCHICAD and BIM, please let us introduce ourselves.

The BIM6x directors include Link Ellis and Chris Clark. I was formerly of ArchiLINK and Chris was formerly of Visual Motion and earlier this year we formed BIM6x. Chris and I have been mates for over 12 years, but it is only since I moved back to Idaho from Australia and New Zealand that we joined forces. Between us we've been using, selling and supporting ARCHICAD for over 35 years. Chris has been a well regarded and award winning ARCHICAD Solution Provider for over 18 years and I've enjoyed helping people with ARCHICAD since ARCHICAD 4.55, as is evidenced by by 3800+ ArchiCAD-Talk posts. But there's more to us than just ARCHICAD.

Chris, for instance, is not only a sports fan and a great cook, but he's also a keen fisherman. He seizes the opportunity to fish whenever it presents itself.

And I love traveling, beer and I'm always working on my mountain biking skills.