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It's Alive!

So the time has finally come to start our blog! Before we bombard you with all things ARCHICAD and BIM, please let us introduce ourselves.

The BIM6x directors include Link Ellis and Chris Clark. I was formerly of ArchiLINK and Chris was formerly of Visual Motion and earlier this year we formed BIM6x. Chris and I have been mates for over 12 years, but it is only since I moved back to Idaho from Australia and New Zealand that we joined forces. Between us we've been using, selling and supporting ARCHICAD for over 35 years. Chris has been a well regarded and award winning ARCHICAD Solution Provider for over 18 years and I've enjoyed helping people with ARCHICAD since ARCHICAD 4.55, as is evidenced by by 3800+ ArchiCAD-Talk posts. But there's more to us than just ARCHICAD.

Chris, for instance, is not only a sports fan and a great cook, but he's also a keen fisherman. He seizes the opportunity to fish whenever it presents itself.

And I love traveling, beer and I'm always working on my mountain biking skills.

There's also another member of the BIM6x team and that's our mascot Boris! You can follow him on Twitter or Facebook!

BIM6x sells and supports ARCHICAD in the eight gorgeous US states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. Yes we have Las Vegas! And despite our fantasicly large territory we pride ourselves on going the extra mile by offering our clients first class service and support, including our powerful ARCHICAD Template Kits. These kits are assisting users in US 30 states and 70 countries around the world!

Our company motto is 'We believe everything we do leads to creating buildings better' and we truly stand behind it. We don't create better buildings, we enable you to create buildings in a better way.

This blog will discuss all things ARCHICAD & BIM and we hope anyone who stumbles across it gets value out of what we have to say, but it is primarily aimed at our ARCHICAD customers, and anyone else who is new to ARCHICAD and trying to get the very most out of it from the get-go!

Thanks for reading, please be sure to subscribe and at anytime, please provide us with your feedback. We look forward to 'talking' with you!

Cheers, Link & Chris.


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