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Get Archicad
with benefits

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ArchiPLUS is the annual maintenance or Software Services Agreement for perpetual licenses that

is included with each new license purchase

or upgrade.

It's more than
just Archicad

ArchiPLUS is an annual membership for clients who utilize Archicad perpetual licenses.  This membership provides many benefits that clients find useful and valuable including upgrades for 12 months, Twinmotion, BIMx storage, as well as bonus training, support and services.

You will get:

Free Archicad

During your ArchiPLUS agreement you will have immediate access to the latest Archicad version and updates.

Technical Support

You will receive premium technical support via email and phone from both BIM6x and GRAPHISOFT North America.

License key

If you are using our USB licensing option and lose your key or it is stolen, do not worry as it will be replaced one time for free.

Webinar Recordings

New Features Guide, Migration Workshop, Staff Learning & Development SketchUp and 2D Users and more.

BIMx Storage

Share up to 5GB of BIMx files on the BIMx Transfer Site at no cost.

Free objects
& Guides

Template Upgrade Guide, Detailing Workflows, Library Part Maker, Param-O, Surface Catalog and more.

Member Only Discounts

ArchiPLUS Training Discounts,

15% off Consultancy, 30% off BIM6x POWER KIT , 20% off: Intro and Group Trainings, Premium LEARNVIRTUAL,

Online Training, ArchiBOOST.

Free educational

20% off On-Demand Training

$25/hr off Custom Learning Options,

Exclusive Benefits: Project Audit Service, File Conversion Service.

For more information please visit


Ready to take
the next step?

Start getting access to all the ArchiPLUS benefits!

Best Choice

Price: $880/year/license

Duration: 1 year

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