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Enhance your
project library
with RVT & RFA
Geometry Exchange

Use the additional libraries for your project in Archicad when you need them, without limitations!

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Get more!

RVT&RFA Geometry Exchange is an Archicad addon originally developed by BIM6x. It enables users to import RFA (Revit Families) into their  Archicad  project. It will also enable  Archicad  users to hotlink, import, and export RVT geometry (Revit projects) in and out of  Archicad.  

Use Archicad 24
or newer?

From Archicad 25 the RFA & RVT Geometry Exchange is a part of the Archicad installation, you don’t need

to download a separate installer. 

Please visit the GRAPHISOFT website to get the RFA & RVT Geometry Exchange for Archicad 24.

You can download the RFA & RVT Geometry Exchange for Archicad 21-23 on our website!


Where you can find libraries?

Find Archicad, Revit, and other libraries on the following resources:

National BIM Library (NBS)
Arcat BIM content
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BIMsmith Market
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Get more libraries

Download the Addon for 21-23 versions of Archicad right now.

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Price: Free

Platform: WIN / MAC

Archicad version: 21-23

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