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Is your ARCHICAD up to date?

You will often hear ‘is your ARCHICAD up to date’ mentioned in support circles – but what does it mean?

When you first install ARCHICAD it will be a specific version and build. For example, the current version of ARCHICAD 19 is build 5005. If you want to check your Version and Build, check this recent article on our blog:

However, this is not necessarily the most up-to-date build. GRAPHISOFT continually works on fixes and updates and release these through ‘hotfix’ patches that are used to update the installation to the latest build.

To find out if you are running the latest build is pretty straightforward and part automated (a check is run weekly to compare the installed build to the latest available). When you launch ARCHICAD, you may see a warning dialog like the one below:

If you see the dialog, click the Open Browser and download link to go to the download page.

Alternatively, if you are already running ARCHICAD, go to Help> Check for Updates…

Your default browser will launch and the fo