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Think you know Archicad? Take the 10-Minute Challenge!

So you think you know Archicad pretty well? We think there's a lot of time-saving tips and tricks even the seasoned veterans can still learn!

Take the 10-minute challenge and watch this small sample of 12 hours of tips and tricks that will be covered in the 2020 ArchiSUMMIT. If you learn something new - sign up!

This represents just a small fraction of what we will cover during the event! Less than 1.5%, so there is plenty more where that came from!

Check out the graph below. If, after the event, you save a mere 10 minutes per day, this will add up to saving 42 hours a year. With a $100 billable rate, that is over $4200 in the next 12 months. AND the course will have paid for itself before 2021 even begins! But we know you'll save more than 10 minutes a day!

Don't have time to watch 12 hours of information-rich presentations, taught by experts with decades of experience? We got you covered! It will all be recorded and yours to enjoy for a full 30 days!

Don't think you'll get your questions answered? We have Q&A sessions every day and will give you 30 days to follow up and get you everything you need!