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Websites with HDRI maps and textures. Part 1.

In order to make an architect’s life easier (yep! again!), our team is constantly collecting and arranging the most useful tools in one place. This will be really useful for your daily project work😉

We have prepared a list of the top resources of websites and HDRI maps.

Scroll down and don’t forget to save this list! They will come in handy, for sure!

HDRI maps and textures

This is where you can find high-quality high resolution HDRI-files and textures for free. We aren’t joking! There are no paid subscriptions, login records, or electronic spam.

Simply download what you want, and use it! We think these maps are the best solution for creating realistic location backgrounds. You won’t need to model anything!

HDRI maps and textures

This website offers digital pictures of all sorts of materials. There are textures of fabrics, wood, metal, bricks, plastic, etc, available on the platform. The images can be used for graphic design, visual effects, and architectural visualization. You can download up to 15 free images a day. The subscription plan gives you access to an unlimited number of downloads.

HDRI maps and textures

The website provides you with high quality graphic collections. They are customized for architectural visualization projects. The graphics are compatible with common CAD and illustration software. The collection includes seamless textures, sky or landscape background images, cutout trees, plants, and abstract people.

HDRI maps and textures

It is a free to use app for creating seamless texture designs. It works as a constructor — you can choose and edit settings — material, pattern style, line width, etc.

The web app allows designers to create custom materials compatible with their concepts, and download their design as a seamless texture, bump map, or hatch. It is also a material library for architects and designers.


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