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What does the ESC key do?

One key that is used continually in ARCHICAD is the ESC (Escape) key - especially by ex-AutoCAD users - you know you do it! Why though? What does it do? Does it do what you expect? It is important to know what this key does and why, or when, you should use it. The following things happen when you press ESC - and keep pressing:

  1. Exit numeric input

  2. Exit navigation (Orbit, Explore)

  3. Remove fixing

  4. Remove Snap Reference

  5. Exit input

  6. Deselect all

  7. Remove Marquee

  8. Change to Arrow tool

This means, depending on what you are working with and the current selection, pressing the ESC key will do different things. In day-to-day use, it is better to press ESC and watch the results then stop when you have what you need... as opposed to frantic click, click, clicking that always ends with everything canceled, nothing selected and the Arrow Tool active! If you don’t want to miss a post, please subscribe using the button above. _

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