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AI render of your Archicad interior

As various industries increasingly adopt Artificial Intelligence, have you considered its role in interior design? While you may be familiar with Midjourney's AI-generated interior design, there are other AI tools available for this purpose that you may not have heard of yet. Today, you'll discover something new.

This article showcases two tools that can be utilized to generate various representations of your BIM model through renderings. And even if you think that all the renderers will be out of a job, it is too early to say that AI will replace them.

Let's begin by introducing the tools we use: Collov GPT and Room GPT. Here's a brief 15-second overview of the basic workflow for both:

👉 Interior Design AI Generator Collov GPT:

👉 Dream Room Generator RoomGPT:

Here are some our tips

After experimenting with both RoomGPT and Collov.GPT, we found that RoomGPT gave us better results. The final picture in