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Teaching BIM Technology: All The Links You Need

Nowadays the National BIM Standard Project Committee is working towards the development of a United States National Building Information Model Standard, which will help improve the competitiveness of the construction industry and the efficiency and effectiveness of government agencies. This means that more and more industry professionals should be experienced working with BIM software in future.

Archicad, developed by Graphisoft, is a BIM software solution used by architects worldwide for designing buildings from the conceptual phase to construction.

Graphisoft, part of Nemetschek Group, has been at the forefront of BIM innovation, shaping the AEC industry with its ground-breaking solutions, serving over 2.3 million users in 142 countries from 60 locations worldwide.

This time we have compiled all the essential links for those who are interested in teaching BIM technology but don't know where to begin👇.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Request help 👉 here if you're from a US educational institution and need assistance or have questions.


Architecture and design Schools, Teachers and Students are entitled to receive the fully functional education version of Archicad and other related BIM-products for FREE. Here are the main solutions with links.

The BIM Core: Archicad

Design, visualize, document, and deliver projects of all sizes with Archicad’s powerful set of built-in tools and easy-to-use interface that make it the most efficient and intuitive cross platform BIM software on the market.

Teamwork Tool: BIMcloud

You can now oversee and monitor your students' projects by either remotely accessing their work or managing group projects. This allows for fast, efficient, and secure access to shared projects in real-time.

Project Presentation: BIMx

Elevate student presentations by enabling them to showcase more than just presentation boards. Provide opportunities for them to display BIM models, project documentation, elements and project information.


Acquire all the necessary knowledge or update it with official materials from GRAPHISOFT. All materials are available for teachers and students absolutely FOR FREE!

On-Demand Learning Bundle (Educational Access)

Price: $5,994.00 $0.00

Students and Teachers can choose from a variety of pre‑recorded On-Demand courses covering Archicad, BIM, Leadership, and more. These courses span a range of skill levels and have been created by our North American Graphisoft Team.

AIA Members will also receive LUs upon completion of these courses.

Student and Educator Quick Start Clips

Price: $0.00

Browse specially-designed video content to help you get up and running with Archicad! These clips cover various topics, such as basic tools and functions, Rendering, Rhino-Grasshopper Live-Connection and BIMx.


Price: $0.00

The GRAPHISOFT Community is an online platform for architects, designers, and building industry professionals to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate. It offers a variety of resources such as forums, blogs, webinars, and events where members can learn, ask questions, and share their expertise.

Archicad Sample Projects

Price: $0.00

These sample project files are completely free to download and represent the modeling and documentation capabilities of Archicad. You can download an Archicad pla (Archived file) file created in the International version (INT) of Archicad and a BIMx file as well.

Courses and Learning Paths on GRAPHISOFT Learn Portal

Price: €0.00 - €1199

GRAPHISOFT Learn Portal offers a wide range of courses related to BIM and Archicad software, including courses on Archicad basics, advanced Archicad features, BIM management, visualization, and more. There are also courses available on specific topics such as design collaboration, energy analysis, and IFC workflows.


Becoming a certified Archicad specialist is essential for university teachers to keep up with the latest BIM technology and provide students with practical skills for the job market. It helps improve teaching quality and better prepares students for careers in the AEC industry. Here are the main certifications developed by GRAPHISOFT:

A test that allows you to change your level of knowledge without issuing a certificate:


Archicad is pretty popular among architectural companies. Clicking on links below, you’ll find ads from individuals and companies seeking employment or offering services, and companies with positions available.


Step-by-step licensing guide with PDF

This is a step-by-step guide on obtaining an educational version of Archicad, with important registration and installation instructions highlighted for your convenience.

Teamwork articles

These articles provide in-depth guidance for students who are interested in starting group work, and cover topics such as how Archicad Teamwork operates and how to get started.

BIMcloud and Teamwork FAQ - for students. 👉

Why should I use Teamwork? 👉

How to do Teamwork with your group? 👉

Top software for architects

We've gathered helpful software for architects and designers. Find links to BIM, visualization, graphics, and presentation solutions. Create models, renders, videos, and solve architectural tasks with ease!

Best 3D rendering software for your architectural project

We collected the best solutions where you can export your BIM project to create pictures, videos and more in case if you don't want to use built-in rendering tools.

Everything for Archicad 26

Discover the convenience of having all the information about Archicad 26 in one place: new features, add-ons and more. Get the PDF version as well!

If your college or university is interested in teaching BIM technology but currently doesn't offer Archicad, please inform GRAPHISOFT by filling out this form.


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