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Top software for architects: documentation, 3D modeling, visualization

It's always hard to choose the right software and be aware of the modern solutions and their features. So we decided to collect the most helpful tools that architects and designers could use for their projects with the most benefits and less effort! This material contains links to the main BIM and visualization software, graphics, and presentation solutions. It will help you create documentation, models, renders, videos, and solve many other architectural tasks.

This material is divided into 4 parts and some parts contain several software options to choose from, so don't be scared of the number of solutions you need to learn. We want you to pick solution that will suit your needs!


– BIM software

– CAD software

– Architectural modeling software

– Architectural drawing programs

– 2D and 3D modeling software

– Architectural sketch software

– Architectural planning software

– Architectural layout software

– Visualization software