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Free BIM software for students

On this page, you will find step-by-step guide how to get an educational version of Archicad. We also tried to point out the important points to pay attention to during registration and installation. We know that sometimes an installation process can be a little bit boring, so we decided to add more GIFs – we hope it will help!

💡 Important! It is easier to get the official EDU version of Archicad than to look for a "cracked" version of Archicad on other sites. In addition, using "pirated" copies of the software violates the law.

GRAPHISOFT company (Archicad developers) provide educational versions free of charge to three categories of users:

  • Students (of Schools, Colleges and Universities)

  • Teachers

  • Schools

If you didn't find yourself in the list, but you still want to try Archicad – you can get a 30-day trial version of Archicad for free right 👉 here.

Are you a teacher or a tutor?

We want to make the licensing process smooth for your students! Find a PDF version of this guide that you can print or send to your students right here👇.

2022_Archicad EDU licenses
Download ZIP • 20.87MB

Also scroll down to find the links to the educational licenses of other solutions compatible with Archicad.

Here you can also find an installation guide by GRAPHISOFT👇.

2023_GS_Installation guide for schools
Download PDF • 4.31MB

If you can't wait: you can get an EDU license of the latest Archicad version right here


Registering and obtaining a license

1. Visit official website –

To begin, select the type of registration (Student/Teacher/Education) and click the "Register" button. Choose Student if you are a student – later you would need to provide proof of your status.

2. Create a GRAPHISOFT ID account (GS ID)

You need to create a GS ID account. You will use this account to log in to Archicad, control your license on this website and access other GRAPHISOFT services (Archicad, BIMx, BIMcloud, Learn, and much more).

💡 Important! If you have used GRAPHISOFT services before (for example you registered at, you need to login using this account by clicking on "Sign in" button in the bottom right corner.

Sign up providing basic info (name, email address, country). Come up with a password. It must contain more than 8 characters, at least one letter, one capital letter, two number and must be different from the mail. Example: 123Archicad.

💡 Important! Allow cookies! If you have problems while trying to log in or if the window "In order to log in, you must allow 3rd party cookies" pops up, please follow the guide on the GRAPHISOFT Community. If the guide didn't help - ask for help.

3. Confirm an email and get a license for 30 days immediately

After you create a new account, a confirmation email with a code will be sent to your email address. Open the email, follow the link to the form. Check the information on the form and confirm it. Didn't get an email? Check SPAM/JUNK folders(!) or contact Technical Support.

After that you'll go to your myarchicad profile. Here you can find the latest Archicad version and a serial number of the license (with 30 days duration).

💡 Important! We recommend applying for a 1-year license right away (see step 4) and only after that use the 30-days license. That way, by the time your 30-day license expires, you will already have a new 1-year license serial number.

4. Apply for a 1-year license and prove academic affiliation

Click the button "Apply for 1-year license" and enter the rest of information (information about the educational institution where you are studying). Pay attention to the accuracy of the graduation date: 02/2020.

💡 Important! Please provide up-to-date information: incomplete or incorrectly completed applications will be rejected.

After form submission you'll get an email with request to provide a prove of academic affiliation. This can be:

– copy of your student/faculty ID;

– screenshot of web register;

– transcript (can be unofficial);

– payment receipt;

– letter from your school on university letterhead verifying that you are a student/teacher.

Send one of these documents to (for USA users). Applications are reviewed within 2 weeks.

Sent the documents? Now you can install Archicad and activate it with 30-days license while you're waiting.

5. Receive an application status letter and activate Archicad

When your application has been reviewed, you will receive an approval/rejection letter. Once you get it, go to your myarchicad profile using the link in the email. Your new Archicad serial number for 1 year will wait for you there!

When your 30 days EDU license is about to expire, every time you launch the program, you will see a dialog box that prompts you to progress through the registration process. Activate Archicad with the new serial number when the old one (30 days) expires.

Find a detailed Archicad installation guide right 👉here and EDU license activation and renewal guide right 👉 here.

💡 Important! If your application is rejected and you don't agree with the decision, you can contact the partner in charge of your account. You can find the contacts on the "Get in touch" page of your profile at US students can contact

6. Installing Updates on Archicad

After installation and license activation, Archicad will prompt you to check for updates.

💡 Important! Starting with Archicad 24, updates for all versions include not only bug fixes, but also new features. Enable the check and install updates as soon as the notification window appears.

Check for updates to Archicad and installed extensions in Help menu -> Check for updates. Download updates for current and previous versions can also be downloaded from the official website at Downloads.

7. License renewal and a new version of Archicad

Users continuing their graduation are eligible to receive a new version of Archicad when it is released. When a new version of Archicad is released, a button will appear in your Myarchicad profile to receive the current version. The serial number of the new version will have the same expiration date as the previous version in use.

Find a short guide right 👉here.

Important to know about Archicad EDU

  • GRAPHISOFT only distributes current EDU versions of Archicad. If you need an earlier version of Archicad (13-25), you can use the serial number from the current version to activate it. It is important that the language of the installation package and serial number are the same.

  • The serial number can only be used to activate once for Students and Teachers. If you need to install Archicad on desktop and laptop computers, or reinstall the system, please contact Technical Support ("Get in touch" page). A new serial number will be added to your profile.

  • An educational version has no functional differences from the commercial version. That means you will be able to use the Hotlinks, work in TeamWork and use all the software features. The only difference between the EDU version and the commercial version is the watermark "Educational version". Which also means that you must not use it for commercial projects.

  • Files created in the EDU version can be opened with the commercial license in EDU mode only. Copying between the commercial version and the EDU version is not possible.

Otherwise, limitless creative freedom!

If you have problems registering or activating Archicad you can contact the e-mail address listed in the "Get in touch" page of your profile.



We want you to spend more time on design! That's why we collected links of educational licenses that you also might need for your projects!




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👉 Students, Schools

​D5 render

👉 Students, Teachers, Schools


👉 Students, Teachers, Schools

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