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Inspirational resources for architects

Sometimes it's hard to start a new project: you need to be full of new and creative ideas. But what if the only thing on your mind is "the black screen," and you're struggling and feeling frustrated?

Well, maybe it's time to check our list of inspiring resources and find a starting point!

Behance / Dribbble

These platforms became classic for people interested in design and artists who want to feed their visual inspiration. You can find a lot of projects (not only architectural) with plenty of visual insight.

These are also platforms for portfolio creation, where you can share your projects and inspire others!


One more famous and incredibly popular platform. Pinterest has the best and the most intuitive search system, which allows you to search for visually similar images and create mood boards on the website.


This platform is really similar to Pinterest, but it has an exciting feature. It analyses not only the type of content, but the colors show you the palette of used colors and allow you to search by color. More focused on graphic design and typography.

Wikipedia/Pritzker Architecture Prize

Surprised? Pritzker Architecture Prize is an Oscar for architects! And it's a great way to learn the Best architects of the last 40 years and get inspired from projects. This award has a website, but it doesn't allow you to see all the winners' projects. But you can definitely do that on the Wikipedia page.

Eye on Design / Design milk

These two platforms allow you not only to get inspired by the pictures but read the thematic articles. You can learn more about design and architecture trends and read articles about important social problems. These resources are more for Millenials and generations Z and Alpha.

Archdaily / Architectural Digest (AD)

These are "classic" architectural media resources for inspiration and evening reading for all. Find an interview with famous architects and celebrities on architectural and design projects. There are more ads here, but the quality of articles would be better than on the other resources.

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