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More 2D and 3D plants for Archicad

We already wrote about Plants that you can download for free and about tools that you can use to create vegetation, but that's not all! If you have an Archicad project where more detailed plans are needed, this article is for you!

ArchiRADAR Archicad plants

Detailed plants for Archicad by ArchiRADAR

System: Win / MAC

Archicad version: 16+

ArchiRADAR develops many things and on their website you can find not only plants, but small furniture collection, 3D railings and even 3D scenes for Archicad's CineRender.

Talking about plants, they have 2 types of elements( HI-RES and 2D-3D) and many times more species of trees and bushes than Plant Designer by Eptar. If some species are missing and you really need it – you can contact them and request it:

ArchiRADAR Archicad plants

What can you set up?

You can set up both 2D and 3D representations: 2D symbol and its Pens, season, flowers (if there's any) and its color.

ArchiRADAR Archicad plants

HI-RES plants by ArchiRADAR

Language: EN / IT / FR / ES

Seasons: Yes

2D symbol: 7

3D detail level: –

Symbolic view in elevation: –

Format: Single Tree / Bundle

Price: 9.00 / 39.00

These plants are specifically made to be used for very realistic renderings inside Archicad due to the high detail of the model 3D and textures; they are also compatible with CineRender providing bumping and reflection channels. These plants are 3D models that can be scaled in 3D. These plants don’t have a symbolic view in elevation.

ArchiRADAR Archicad plants

2D-3D plants by ArchiRADAR

Language: EN / IT / FR / ES / DE / HU / JA / PL / PT / TR / AR / SV / FI / EL / NO / DA

Seasons: Yes

2D symbol: 10 + 4 realistic

3D detail level: Yes

Symbolic view in elevation: Yes

Format: Bundle

Price: 39.00

Parametric Plants are 3D models always different one another generated from a GDL algorithm; they have a lower level of detail with a low number of polygons; these plants have a symbolic model for elevation; these plants are better to be used for drawings, but also for conceptual rendering and BIMX.

ArchiRADAR Archicad plants

How to install Plants from ArchiRADAR?

There are 2 ways: add to the standard Archicad Linked Library folder or add to the Linked Library in Library Manager. In the first case, these objects would be added to each new project that uses the standard Archicad library. In the second case, you will add objects only to the file where you need them.

Add to the Standard Archicad Library:

Add to the Library in Library Manager:

Where to download?

The ArchiRADAR's Plants are available for purchase on ArchiRADAR's website:

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