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5 ways to finally learn Archicad

Despite the potential benefits of new technologies, finding time for learning and implementation can be a challenge. To assist you in kickstarting BIM in your firm, we have compiled five distinct approaches. Select the one that best suits your needs!

2-hour personal training session

Level: Various

Duration: 2 hours

Format: Live Session

Price: $349

If you're looking for personalized answers to specific questions, have limited time, and desire a live interaction with a genuine industry expert, ARCHIBOOST session is the optimal choice for you.

Exclusive BIM event in Cabo, Mexico

Level: Medium

Duration: 9 days

Format: Live Event

Price: $2,799 +

Get personalized, high caliber training and group training from top experts and be pampered with the best Cabo San Lucas has to offer. You choose the balance of Archicad learning, networking, getting work done by the beach, and/or having fun. It is an ideal training for the entire team! Limited spots remaining so register today!

On-Demand Learning

Level: Various

Duration: Various

Format: On-Demand

Price: FREE / $110 - $5,344

These AIA-accredited courses are tailor-made to cater to the requirements of Archicad users in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. They cover a diverse range of topics, beginning with Archicad Fundamentals and extending to courses such as Think Like a BIM Manager.

On-Demand, Online trainer-led, or Live classroom courses

Level: Various

Duration: Various

Format: Various

Price: FREE / Various

All the content on the GRAPHISOFT Learn platform is very structured and organized into learning paths that demystify workflows. The platform also provides a multi-level certification system, including Archicad BIM User, BIM Author, BIM Coordinator, and BIM Manager certifications.

LIVE Archicad training each Monday

Level: Various

Duration: 2 hours

Format: Live Session / On-Demand

Price: $69/month

You have the option to enroll in a pre-recorded course or participate in a LIVE Weekly lesson schedule. The live sessions include Q&A opportunities with a coach, covering various topics such as GDL, Creating Daylight and View Studies for Analysis and more.


Even more BIM knowledge

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