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BIM6x Template Kits Updated!

We have just completed the annual update of our BIM6x Template Kits for ARCHICAD 21 and they are better than ever!

We listened to our users and stripped down excess layouts, views and settings, and made numerous minor tweaks and corrections.

See the full list of updates below. These updates are free to anyone who has already downloaded our kits! If you haven't taken a look at them yet, feel free to download one. We're available for questions and can offer complete customization to suit your exact business needs, along with ongoing support!

The following updates were made in Revision 21.4022.

  • Embedded BIM6x Power Library for the BIM6x Power Project.

  • Removed the Demolition Elevations and 3D views from view map & layout book. Deleted all related view settings: layer combination, model view options, graphic overrides, renovation filters, dimension standards.

  • Updated BIM6x Power Manual to include all changes to ARCHICAD files.

  • Updated BIM6x Work Environment Profile to include BIM6x RFA & RVT Geometry Exchange Add-on and related commands.

  • Turned off Sun Shadows in some 3D styles to optimize performance.

  • Assign ARCHICAD 21 Classifications to all elements, defaults and favorites.

  • Lighted Pen 33 and assigned as the Element Pen to all Surfaces.

  • Applied Text Favorites to all Schedule format options.

  • Set Schedules Automatic Dimensions to a Dimension line distance set to 15.

  • Right Aligned all schedule number columns to prevent drawing cropping that occurs with decimal aligned columns.

  • Cleared Publishing Path for all Publisher Sets ready for user input.

  • Removed ‘MISSING’ for all Basic wall building materials.

  • Created TITLEBLOCKS: WITHOUT WATERMARK layer combination and made it default in layouting environment.

  • Updated Corner Windows and favorites to enable corner function.

  • Made all S- Layers hidden in Sections

  • Switched Insulation building material for Air Space at the bottom of the WALL: EXTERIOR: BRICK VENEER complex profile.

  • Turn on Mask fill layer in all relevant layer combinations.

  • Deleted all MEP windows voids.

  • Made Zone Fills transparent in RCP Graphic Override Combination.

  • Updated all schedules on layouts for correct restructuring, naming and titling.

  • Assigned Grid 12’ cover fill to downstairs bathroom zones and updated favorite.

  • Made all exterior zones visible in schedule layer combinations.

  • Repaired all zones so that the door and window schedules read correctly.

  • Corrected electrical outlets to be flush with the wall and adjusted splines.

  • Corrected all interior walls in third story.

  • Corrected lights in ceiling voids.

  • Corrected outside party wall to show 4” siding.

  • SEO’d elevator from ground mesh.

  • Corrected sign and awning rods connected to front of building.

  • Corrected wall above front door

  • Put north point on A-NOTES & DIMENSIONS layer

  • Lower zone heights in Bathrooms that contain MEP to correct Interior Elevations

  • Reset User Origin in 3D window.

  • Corrected Furniture Plan and Schedule drawing source views.

Visit for more information on our Template Kits!

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