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Command and Control ARCHICAD - The Box Set

Over the past four weeks we have been running a series of #justthetip articles showing how to Command and Control ARCHICAD. These have shown four of the main keys that can be used to tame ARCHICAD and increase your productivity. They include:

  • The Command (Mac OS) or Control key

  • The Shift key

  • The Alt key

  • The Spacebar

In the video below we have combined all the previous recordings to give you 'The Box Set' - now you can see them all in one place, at one time, in one video!

Bonus Content

In the first video showing functions of the Command or Control key we missed one feature that was actually introduced a couple of versions ago - but slipped under the radar (thanks to James at GSHu for pointing it out).

When it comes to removing points from existing Dimension lines, you can actually hold Command or Control and click on them rather than the slower method of selecting and deleting the points. Here is an example using only the Command or Control keys...

The usual rules apply - the Dimension line needs to be selected and the Dimension Tool active in the Toolbox

Feature Presentation

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