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How Good Are Your ARCHICAD Projects?

Not all ARCHICAD projects are created equal. From Library Management, to Project Management, to Attribute Management, to Project Settings, to Project Preferences, to Project Structure to managing External Content, there are numerous ways to slow your files down, blow out the file sizes, and generally disorganize your projects. Quite often we're not even aware of what is causing these issues! And if we don't know what's causing them how can we learn how to fix them? How can we possibly improve our workflows and make all of our projects run smoothly? That's where ArchiCHECKUP comes in! ArchiCHECKUP is a 100 point check that comprehensively examines your ARCHICAD project for issues related to Size, Speed and Structure. These are the three foundations that support a fast, efficient and reliable workflow and enables you to have 'healthy' projects! After a thorough analysis of your file you will receive a detailed digital 40 page report which is divided into seven intuitive sections and each item is color coded to highlight all the opportunities for improvement, as well as showing you what you're doing right! Each point is thoroughly explained and a link is provided to the relevant section in the ARCHICAD 19 Online Help Center to help guide you, along with references to the ever-expanding BIM6x Blog where applicable. Think of it as an express route to discovering the areas where you most need ARCHICAD training, but without the hassle of sitting through hours of irrelevant training or sifting through pages of redundant information. It's an incredibly valuable tool because what you don't know, you don't know and the ArchiCHECKUP will reveal issues that even the most experienced BIM Manager may not be aware of. Perhaps you're unaware of the vast amount of items that can affect your files? Perhaps you're frustrated with your ARCHICAD projects running slowly? Perhaps you want to know the exact areas where you need training? Perhaps you want to check how well your staff are doing? Perhaps you think there's nothing more you can do to improve performance? Whatever the case, if you want to see how well you're doing with ARCHICAD, book an ArchiCHECKUP today! And let's also do ARCHICAD better! Also be sure to subscribe to our blog to receive a notification anytime we post!

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