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Shortcuts to Speed you Through the Day!

There are loads of keyboard shortcuts in ARCHICAD and getting to know some of them can certainly increase your productivity… but a few are more complicated to remember and not used as often than others. The ones we will outline in this article are ones you can potentially use ALL the time and are very, very simple!

The Escape key

The first key is the ESC (Escape) key and it is used continually in ARCHICAD - especially by ex-AutoCAD users... you know you do it! But why? What does it do? Does it do what you expect? Understanding the functionality is the key to using it properly :-)

When you press the ESC key, and keep pressing it, the following will happen:

  1. Exit numeric input

  2. Exit navigation (Orbit, Explore)

  3. Remove fixing

  4. Remove Snap Reference

  5. Exit input

  6. Deselect all

  7. Remove Marquee

  8. Change to Arrow tool

This means, depending on what you are working with and the current selection, pressing the ESC key wi