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What are Goodies for Archicad?

What are Goodies for Archicad?

Goodies are free Add-Ons developed by GRAPHISOFT to provide Archicad with specific abilities and features.

Previously several Add-ons were needed to be installed separately, but now it's one Archicad Goodies Suite!

It works on both systems: Mac and PC, for 14 – 25 versions.

Scroll down, we will explain what the main of them do!

If there's no time to explain, here's 👉 the Goodies link

3D Studio In

With the help of this Add-On, you will be able to convert .3ds files to Archicad GDL objects. This could be really helpful if you had found a nice 3DsMax object which you want to have in your Archicad project.

With this Add-On you can import not only geometry but textures (even with transparency), set the size, and create hotspots in 2D and 3D.

By default, this import is NOT integrated into Archicad.

Where to find:

File → Interoperability → 3D Studio → Import 3D-Studio file

Important! You can save .3ds files from Archicad even without this Add-On.


With the help of this Add-On, you can supplement roof, slab, and wall elements with special objects. Make sure you add the Accessories Library to your project, using the Library Manager.

Where to find:

Design → Design Extras → Accessories

Important! First, select an existing building element (wall, roof, or slab) on the Floor Plan.

Check Duplicates

This Archicad Add-On can find, select, and delete items sharing the same parameters (type, color, thickness, height, etc...) and occupying the same spot on the floor plan. Unwanted doubles are typically created by either accidentally double-clicking at the same mouse position or by copying and pasting items several times to the same location.

It's adding 2 new commands: Select and Delete duplicates.

Where to find:

Edit → Check Duplicates

Construction Simulation

This allows you to simulate the construction process with Archicad's 3D model by associating construction elements

to a task list. This list can be created within Archicad or (in Windows only) imported from a Microsoft Project database.

NOTE: The Construction Simulation menu is only available

when the Floor Plan is active.

Where to find:

Since AC20:Document → Listing Extras → Construction Simulation

Before AC20: Document → Schedules and Lists → Construction Simulation

Interior Wizard

This add-on enhances the modeling of 3D Zones by applying Accessory Objects to selected walls, ceilings, and floors and creating interior finish elements. You can edit the shape and the material parameters of these elements using standard Archicad tools as well as parametric functionality. The add-on recognizes wall openings: these will be updated if their associated zone is updated or changed.

NOTE: You have to add the Accessories Library in the Library Manager.

Where to find:

Design → Design Extras → Interior Wizard

Mesh To Roof

Irregular "free-form" shapes can be modeled using the mesh tool. These items can be converted to roofs with this Add-On.

Where to find:

Design → Design Extras → Mesh To Roof


It helps you control the number of 3D polygons helping you to optimize your Archicad models for your needs. This tool can be used effectively if the project size or the limited physical memory of your computer makes the 3D model size a critical factor in your modeling decisions. It can display the number of 3D polygons grouped into element types (walls, slabs, doors, windows, objects, etc.) and also their percentage compared to the complete model size. The add-on also allows you to change the 3D detail level of library parts in your projects.

Where to find:

Open the PolyCount palette from Window → Palettes menu

Find more information about other Goodiesthat we didn't include in the article:

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